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      About Window of The World
      Explore the colorful world together
        ShenZhen Window of the World, located in the beautiful Overseas Chinese Town by the Shenzhen Bay, covers an area of ??480,000 square meters. It is a large-scale culture jointly invested and constructed by China Tourism Group Co., Ltd. (51% of shares) and Overseas Chinese Town Group Co., Ltd. (49% of shares) The tourist attractions are divided into eight areas: World Plaza, Asia, Oceania, Europe, Africa, Americas, World Sculpture Garden and International Street, including more than 130 world-famous scenic spots, more than ten entertainment participating projects, and magnificent Large-scale square art evenings, colorful scenic spots and exotic performances and colorful theme cultural festivals "create a wonderful and joyous world for Chinese and foreign tourists."

        ShenZhen Window of the World is good at innovation and pioneered the development of participatory entertainment projects packaged with cultural themes. The successful development of more than ten entertainment projects, such as crossing Europa, flying over the United States, Amazon jungle shuttle, pyramid exploration, returning to the Jurassic, Indian tribes, Alpine Snow World, and speeding Mount Fuji, has made the scenic spot from pure viewing to comprehensive entertainment change. In addition, the first real-life naked-eye 3D Mapping show "Fantasy Europe" will debut in 2020. With sound, light, and shadow interactive interpretation, it breaks the virtual boundaries of reality and presents an immersive experience of traveling through time and space.

        ShenZhen Window of the World pioneered a magnificent and magnificent model of large-scale square art performances. Scenic art performances have formed a complete performance system centered on the square evening party, the Caesar Palace evening party, and the scenic spot performances as the luxuriant leaves. Visitors can get the spiritual enjoyment of world culture and art. Since its opening, large-scale epic evenings such as "Carnival World", "The World Meets Here", "Dream Journey", "Embracing the Future", "Genesis", "Cross-Century", "Eternal Romance" and "Romance between Heaven and Earth" have been launched. Among them, "Cross-century" and "Eternal Romance" successively won IAAPA's highest award-Best Overall Production Award and IAAPA Best Performance Award, and "Romance between Heaven and Earth" was successfully selected as the first batch jointly selected by the Ministry of Culture and China National Tourism Administration. The list of "National Cultural Tourism Key Project List-Tourism Performance Category" has created a miracle in the history of Chinese tourism art. Window of the World has carried out a visual subversion on the basis of more than 20 years of art performances, and launched a large-scale contemporary urban stage travel "All the way to the sun", a new artistic style of youth, beauty, fashion, and taste, a unique expression method, and a magnificent stage Exhibition, strong visual impact and superb performance skills opened a new chapter in domestic large-scale square art performances. Recently, the new large-scale music and dance epic "Sheng Century" was launched again. With an open artistic vision and an internationally innovative approach, it organically integrates various artistic expressions such as dance, opera, martial arts, acrobatics, etc., which are the essence of Chinese traditional culture, to show the progress of Chinese culture and art in the world history from multiple aspects. The unique charm of China. It is the third part of the "Epic of the Century" series after "Genesis" and "Cross Century". It tells the millennium dream of the Chinese nation and shows another original masterpiece of the glory of human civilization.

        ShenZhen Window of the World also deeply explored the cultural connotation of the scenic spot. It hosted many large-scale evening parties and activities such as the CCTV Spring Festival Gala in 2002 and the 10th Anniversary Gala of Hong Kong's Return in 2007. It successfully co-organized the closing ceremony of the 26th Summer Universiade in Shenzhen. International Oktoberfest, Halloween, World Song and Dance Festival, Rock Music Festival, Pop Music Festival, Cherry Blossom Festival, and cultural events of India, Egypt, Africa, South America and other exotic themed cultural events, including the King’s Day in Spring and Shenzhen International Beer in Summer Festival, Halloween in autumn, and Christmas season in northern Europe in winter have become the most famous and successful festivals in Shenzhen’s tourist market.
      Travel around the world
      365 days, the world is happy with you
      Dynamic Project
      Explore the World
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      Festival Activities
      Ticketing Information
      Plan ahead and have more fun
      Daytime Fare

      Daily market:
      full price: 220 yuan
      half price: 110 yuan 

      Note: ticket prices are the same on weekdays and holidays

      Night Fare

      Evening performance:
      Current price 100 yuan

      Note: ticket prices are the same on weekdays and holidays

      Travel Agency and Corporate Team Reception
      Group tickets can be purchased for more than 15 people with a letter of introduction and a valid certificate. Please contact the marketing department of our company for specific preferential conditions. Contact number: (0755) 26608000 ext 8120
      Preferential Treatment Policy
      一、A preferential treatment for the elder:

      1、The elders from 65 years (including 65 years of age) to 69 years (including 69 years of age) can get half-price daytime ticket. 
      2、The elders over 70 years (including 70 years of age) can get free preferential treatment.
      3、Beneficiaries shall show valid credentials like identity cards, and passports in the ticket gate and entrance. The elders with Shenzhen household registration and "preferential treatment document for the elderly in Shenzhen" can get free preferential treatment, and inspection of The elders’ ID in the entrance is necessary .

      二、A preferential treatment for children:

      1、Children with Height under 1.2 meters (including 1.2 meters)can get free preferential treatment.
      2、Children with Height from 1.2 meters to 1.5 meters (including 1.5 meters) can get half-price ticket discount.

      三、A preferential treatment for supporting the army:

      1、The serviceman can get half-price ticket discount with credentials.
      2、During "Army Day", The serviceman can get free preferential treatment with credentials. 
      3、Disabled soldiers from grade one to grade six can get free preferential treatment with credentials, wherein, disabled soldiers from grade one to grade four can take an accompanying personnel in free of charge .disabled soldiers from the grade  seven to ten can get half-price ticket discount with credentials.

      四、 A preferential treatment for the disabled :

      1、The disabled from grade one to grade two can get free preferential treatment with credentials.
      2、Disabled soldiers from grade one to grade six can get half-price ticket treatment with credential.

      3、Foreign disabled persons who hold a valid disability certificate can enjoy a half-ticket discount for daytime tickets.

      Contact us
      A world of pleasure and return

      Park opening hours

      (Note: in case of large-scale activities, the time shall be subject to the announcement on that day)

      Park map in English

      Check the English version of the park map to learn abo ut the detailed distribution of scenic spots and enterta inment facilities and park services, so as to facilitate your travel.

      Click to view (download English version of park map)

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      ption number
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      ——Address: Overseas Chinese town, Shenzhen, China
      Thank for your attention to window of the World in Shenzhen. You can visit the official website (http://www.loveyoutiffany.com/) to learn the basic information of Shenzhen Window of the World and arrange your itinerary.
      Fax: 0755-26602590
      Tourist information: 0755-26608000
      Shenzhen Window of the world Co., Ltd. copyright © 2021. All rights reserved. Yue ICP B No. 18103261
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